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This site includes links to vendors and manufacturers, some of whom have affiliate relationships with this website.  In some case the website may earn a percentage of the sale price when you make a purchase via links on my blog. (Your price will be the same whether you purchase though my links or not.)

I’m grateful when you make purchases through these links since they help support the blog and you get the same prices on great gear. If you find the information here useful, consider making your purchases through these links. Thanks!

Two vendors with whom the website has an affiliate relationship are listed below.

B&H Photo is the well known vendor of photography, video, audio, and many other products – with an impressive “brick and mortar” store in New York City and a great online store that carries just about anything photographic that you might need or want.

ThinkTank Photo

ThinkTank Photo produces and sells a range of very high quality and innovative photographic bags and related gear. My primary gear bag is their Airport Acceleration bag.


I make every effort to ensure accuracy on this website, including the affiliate links and listings and other information I post here. Errors will inevitably occur, and I cannot be responsible for them. I am always grateful to readers who let me know about them, and I will try to correct them as quickly as possible.

In some cases the source information may be erroneous. For example, when you purchase through a vendor link I am unable to control changes that may have occurred at the vendor website. Please carefully read and understand the information at those links to make sure that it does (or does not!) match what I write here — and let me know if you have a question or see an error.

In addition, I do not generally delete or update old article at this website, some of which go back a decade or more. Things may have changed since the original posting dates, so please carefully double-check information you read in these posts, including taking steps to verify its accuracy and currency by using a wide range of other appropriate resources and/or asking me for clarification.

Other Terms

Since this is my personal website, I retain the right to edit or delete any material posted here at any time, with or without notice concerning the changes or to other parties who may have posted it.

All terms and policies at this website are subject to change at any time.


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