Comments for G Dan Mitchell Photography Daily photographs, news, observations, and ideas about photography Thu, 18 Dec 2014 16:28:32 +0000 hourly 1 Comment on Lake and Pinnacles, Evening by G Dan Mitchell Thu, 18 Dec 2014 16:28:32 +0000 You are welcome! Those memories are fun — even those associated with things like awful storms. I also have quite a few associated with that particular place, including a storm related one. Some years ago a small group of friends and I did 9-day trip that began by crossing Bishop Pass into Dusy Basin and then heading south on the JMT over Mather, Pinchot, Glen, and Kearsarge Passes before exiting at Onion Valley. We mostly had fine weather, but I recall that on our second-to-last day, as we came over Glen Pass, the thunderstorms began and we walked in rain all the way up to these lakes, arriving and setting up our last night’s camp in the wet — and crawling into damp tents, wearing damp clothes, to sleep in damp sleeping bags. And then we awoke the next morning to glorious sunlight and crossed the pass, feeling somehow more connected to the Sierra than we could recall.

Two other quick stories. My oldest son took his first long backcountry trip with me when he was in his late teens — we came in over Kearsarge, headed south over Forrester, and summited Whitney on the way out. He has always been a formidable walker and hiker, and by the end of the trip he cruised up Whitney faster than I could. But on the first night at Keaarsarge he came under the influence of altitude sickness (probably inherited from me, as I’m also susceptible at first) and ended up so sick that he went into the tent and didn’t come out until the next day. On one other trip through there we had a fun experience with mama bear and a cub or two (not certain how many now) who wandered casually right through out camp, checking out the food canisters before continuing on their way.