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A Reprise: “Fractured Granite, Reflections”


Rock Wall, Reflections
Fractured Granite, Reflections

Today I am reprising a photograph that I shared previously since it is part of the Yosemite Renaissance XXIX exhibit opening this weekend in the Yosemite Museum Gallery in The Valley. 

An exhibition of contemporary art of Yosemite and the Sierra
Saturday, March 1 to Sunday, May 11, 2014
Yosemite Museum Gallery, Yosemite National Park

The first event of the show is tonight

The public is invited to the
Awards Reception, Friday, February 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 PM

Perhaps I’ll see you there!

Now, to the text of the original post, plus a more recent addition…

Fractured Granite, Reflections. Kings Canyon National Park, California. September 15, 2013. © Copyright 2013 G Dan Mitchell – all rights reserved.

The base of a rugged granite wall reflected in the still surface of a sub-alpine Sierra Nevada lake

A few days ago I returned from a 9-day trip into the back-country of Kings Canyon National Park. I was one of a group of four photographers who traveled to a remote location at about 11,000′, where we remained for more than five days, photographing the surrounding terrain morning and evening. We followed the common routine of such work – up before dawn and off to investigate and photograph some valley or lake, back by mid or late morning for breakfast, generally hanging out and doing camp chores during the midday period when the light is often less exciting, then back out in the late afternoon for a few more hours of exploration and photography before returning to camp for a post-sunset dinner. Unlike a typical backpack trip, where one rarely stays in the same place for long, we remained in the same camp for six nights, allowing us to really get to know the surrounding area very well.

With so much time, we were frequently able to return to places that we had already visited – perhaps coming back in the evening after a morning visit, returning to try again to catch a subject that didn’t have the right light the first time, or shooting the subject in various conditions ranging from clear skies to rain. This bit of interesting rock was next to a lake that I walked to on a number of occasions, and on this morning I arrived when the lake was still in shadow but illuminated by light reflected from nearby rock faces. Because it was so early the air was very still, allowing me to photograph this very sharp reflection of the fractured granite cliff where it entered the water. A bit of vegetation just above the waterline has taken on early fall colors.

Addendum: It occurred to me last week that there is a (perhaps tenuous?) connection between this photograph – with its theme of a vertical rock face above placid water – and this one by Ansel Adams that I had an early connection to: – I have a personal connection to the place, which I wrote about here:

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Charlie Cramer at the Center for Photographic Art

It is a rare and special thing to be able to view large collection of a wonderful photographer’s best work. We visited Charlie Cramer’s show at the Center for Photographic Arts again yesterday while visiting Carmel. If you can get to Carmel to see the show, I don’t think you will be disappointed! The show is in it’s last week, so go now…

Considering a Print as a Holiday Gift?

One of the fun things about photography is that I hear from people from various parts of the country who are interested in giving a print as a holiday gift. This is a tangible sign that my photographs speak to others… and that someone is reading my blog!

If you are interested in getting a print before, oh, say December 24… now would be a good time to ask! (San Francisco Bay Area folks may be able to cut it a bit closer, but still… )

Sometime during the next week or so I hope to create some posts highlighting photographs from 2008 that I like, but just about any photograph from this site or from my Gallery Site can be printed. Send me email ( for more information and/or take a look at the information page.

– Dan

Photography Gallery Update

I’ve made some significant changes over at my Photography Gallery, where I archive the photographs posted on this blog and elsewhere. The major change has been to switch to a simple layout that focuses more on the photographic images and, I hope, is a bit more logical to navigate. Let me know what you think!