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Great Deal on Adobe Lightroom Plus Photoshop CS6 Bundle… and More

(Corrections – two expiration dates were inaccurate in the original version of this post and have now been corrected.)

Right now – and apparently only for today and perhaps tomorrow* – you can purchase Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Lightroom 4 together for $389.90 from site sponsor B&H Photo. That is a tremendous price for  the current versions both programs, and if you have been holding off on getting them, this is probably something you want to take advantage of. The bundle includes a couple of free Scott Kelby training DVDs on the two programs. This pricing apparently ends on Friday, August 31, 2012.  (Update 8/31: A reader reports that the prices on the Adobe Photoshop bundles returned to the pre-sale levels today, August 31. I contacted B&H since they originally reported that it would be good through August 31. The reply: “This was our mistake [and] the Adobe promotion ended yesterday.” Hope some of you were able to take advantage of this deal while it lasted!)

A similar deal bundles Adobe Photoshop CS6 plus Adobe Elements 10 for $314.90, and includes the Kelby Training DVD: What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CS6. (This may also have the same expiration as the above deal.)

The current Canon ‘Instant Rebates’ on lenses and speedlites will expire on September 1 29, 2012 See the Deals page August 23 entry for a complete list with links to eligible products. (Note that B&H is often closed on Saturday, so if you plan to purchase from them, the effective expiration is tomorrow, Friday, August 31!)

Brief Updates on Adobe Products – 24-Hour Deals at B&H

There is a 24-hour-only sale at B&H  on the following products:

You can now pre-order the new version of Adobe CS6. I haven’t tried the demo myself, but I’m hearing good things about it and intend to upgrade shortly